Tuesday, August 1, 2017

HTML Tutorial – 02: Basic Structure of a Webpage

Webpage: In a short word, webpage is a document of World Wide Web (www). A webpage may contain a lot of information and data. There are various types of webpage according to need. Personal, Commercial, Engineering, Medical, Ecommerce and so on. To design the frontend of any world wide web document, we need to use HTML.

Basic Structure of a Webpage 

Basically, a webpage has two essential parts. They are – 

   1. Header Part       2. Body Part

Header Part: Header part is the top part of any webpage. Header part contains title, author information (meta information), external files’ links and some other information. But, remind it that, header containing information is no visible in webpage means not visible to the visitor. Visitor only see the title which will display at the top of any webpage.

Body Part: Another essential part is body part which is the main part of any webpage containing all visible contents. So, in any webpage such information display what are existing in body part. All elements of a webpage exist in body part.
At a glance, just go to view the summary of our discussion above with figure and try to understand.


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