Sunday, July 30, 2017

HTML Tutorial – 01: Introduction To HTML

Definition:  HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language. Here, Hyper Text means –The text which contains general text, graphics, audio, video, animation and so on. And MarkupThe structure of something . So in short, HTML is a language which is used to design the markup of hypertext. In fact, HTML is used to design the front end of any webpage and web application.

Essential components of HTML : 

Basically, HTML contains three essential components. They are –
  1. HTML Tag
  2. HTML Element
  3. HTML Attribute

Necessary software to start HTML Coding

No one special software is needed to start HTML Coding. Just you can use your default software in your computer. If you use windows then you may use ‘Notepad’ as code editor and ‘Internet Explorer’ as browser and in MAC you may use ‘Text mate’ as code editor and ‘Safari’ as browser. But to get more facilities you should choose a better code editor to make your task more fast and easy. In this case you can choose your favorite code editor like Notepad++ ( Open source ) , Bracket ( Open source) , Visual Code ( Open source), Atom (Open source ), Sublime Text ( Paid ) and so on. You can choose Mozilla Firefox as browser for getting more facilities using add-ons.  So, to start HTML Coding, our essential tools are two only and they are –
  •   Modern Browser. 
  • A Code Editor
Now, you can start your coding. This preparation is enough.