Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

HTML Tutorial-04: HMTL tag and its classification

Tag: HTML Tags are called keywords means reserved words which are usable just for writing HTML syntax with specific rules. These tags are given by HTML creating organization, they also give proper instruction to use these tags. User means we can only use these tags according to their instruction and we can’t create new tag as our wish. There have a number of tags for various purposes with their specific use. 

How to write html tag in document:

To write any html tag, start with a less than sign and then write tag name and close with a greater than sign. See the syntax below:

< tag_name >

Classification: html tags are classified based on two subjects. 

They are 1. Based on having close tag    and   2. Based on having element

Based on having closing tag: Some html tags don’t have closing tag, they just have starting tag only. Example: Image tag which is expressed as img. It has no closing tag. So, in this case it will be written as just like as staring tag. Follow the following syntax.
< img  >  

The tag which has only staring tag and don’t any closing tag such kind of tag is called single tag. So, here img (image tag) is a single tag.
But most of the html tags have starting and closing tag. The tag which has staring and closing tag such kind of tag is called double tag. Example: P tag means paragraph tag is a double tag means it has both staring and closing tag.
How to write closing tag: closing tag as like as starting tag just containing a forward slash additionally. Just follow the below syntax-
<starting_tag> ......</cloasing_tag>
Now let’s go to write paragraph tag with full syntax. It will be like as below-


Thursday, August 3, 2017

HTML Tutorial -03: Environment Setting For HMTL coding

If you have completed previous two tutorial, then you can start this tutorial to start your HTML coding. Actually, HTML document contains two essential section. They are header section and body section. According to previous tutorial Header section containing title and meta information of author and Body section contains all visible elements of any webpage. Now we want to start coding in practically. For doing this, you have you set an environment to make your job faster, easy and more effective. Now let’s go to start. Just follow the below steps to create an effective environment for your coding.

Switch on your computer and anywhere of your computer you can create a folder but I prefer to create a new folder in the desktop for better practice. To create a new folder just right click your mouse and go to new and then click folder. A new folder will create and now give a name as your wish. Just follow the below image.

After creating a new folder, you have to check that in your computer file extension is visible or not. File extension means the last part of any file. Such that any book format file contains an extension .pdf, any image format may be .png or .jpg or .gif etc. These are called file extension. So to active your file extension visible (By default it be hidden) go to your control panel and click File Explorer Options and then click view option at the top. Now go down and you will find the Hide Extension for all known files button is checked. Now just remove this check and click ok button, ok done! If feel difficult just follow the below image- 

Now back to your folder and enter in it and just again click mouse right side and go to new then go to text document. If will create a new text document. Now give a name of this text document like index. But most important thing is that this is file extension must be .html as we are going to start HTML Coding. Just follow the below image-

And follow the below image which is most important -